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Welcome to the wonderful world of personality. While many may think that the personality is just something we develop as a result of our experiences and conditioning, it is really much more. Personality is the very core of who we are. Its inherent neurological blueprint determines the way we think, why we make the choices we do, and why we act the way we do. When we think about personality, think of it as an automatic pilot that guides the outward direction we take in life; that oversees our staying on course, and that works to prevent us from failing. It's our personality that monitors our progress and makes the necessary course corrections when we find ourselves in untenable situations. It helps us to function, to survive, and to learn from our experiences.

Personality is responsible for establishing the boundaries by which we live our lives, and forms the expectations that we have of ourselves and of others. It influences the words we use to communicate, and how we interact with other people. When life, relationships, and jobs compliment our personality boundaries, we have a sense of being in control of our lives; we move forward with an air of confidence and make choices that are right for us and that are in alignment with our needs. Our ability to flow with life and to handle challenges in a straightforward manner increases. On the other hand, when we find ourselves outside of these boundaries, our decisions tend to be driven by fear and insecurities rather than by strengths. We find ourselves enmeshed in power struggles and feeling compromised rather than creating relationships that are mutually satisfying. Our outlook on life becomes negative and we feel unappreciated rather than living with a positive attitude and feeling appreciated. We find ourselves stressed, emotionally distressed, and oppressed rather than being engaged and open to new opportunities. In other words, when we function outside of our personality boundaries, we're not happy, we're not ourselves, and we're not in control of our lives.

Wouldn't it be personally and professionally rewarding if you could impact people's lives by helping them discover their personality color and be an integral part of helping them uncover and develop their strengths and talents? Not only could you help them in their job performance and help them reach their personal and professional goals, you could help their relationships and improve their interpersonal skills. You could assist them in finding their dream career. You could help them actually improve the quality of their lives. As a certified trainer of The Ritberger Personality Method™ you could set yourself apart as a personality professional. You could use unique copyrighted and trademarked materials, present workshops, offer an abundance of coaching opportunities, purchase facilitator-only products, and be fully licensed to use all of the tools available. Most importantly, you could make a difference in people's lives while making a difference in yours.

The Ritberger Personality Method?
Certification Program*
Level One (Fundamentals) ~ Two-Day Training
According to most personality theories, each personality type has predictable behavioral patterns that reveal who they are and why they act the way they do. However, what most theories don't take into consideration is that the neurological aspect of personality determines how a person thinks. The importance of understanding this aspect of personality is that it drives how a person gathers information, processes information, and makes decisions.
The Ritberger Personality Method™
Advanced Trainings and Certifications**
Personality in the Workplace ~ Two-Day Training
Every manager, whether managing up or managing down, can benefit from understanding the personalities of the people they work with. Why? Because personality is the driving force behind what motivates people, how they interact and contribute in team environments, how they problem solve, how they view and manage time and how they manage tasks and task loads, and it determines the strengths and leadership qualities they bring to the workplace. Personality is the intrinsic part of the human psyche that influences how we think, the words we use to communicate, and how we interact with people. It's the part of who we are that drives the behavior that's not only observable it's predictable.
Relationship Coaching ~ Two-Day Training
If love and relationships could be seen through the perspective of personality, it would change the entire dynamic of how people interact. It would create a bridge of understanding that would allow two people to create mutually satisfying relationships. It could heal the emotional hurts of the past and put new life into the relationship in the present.

*Level One: Fundamental training is the prerequisite and serves as the foundation for all of the trainings, workshops, and presentations offered through The Ritberger Personality Method™ . This training is the starting point to qualifying for advanced trainings.

**Advanced Training: The Advanced Trainings build on the foundational Level One: Fundamental certification. Each of these trainings is specifically focused on an area of expertise. As a trainer you can have the opportunity to choose the trainings that will best serve your professional needs.

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Discovering Me - Understanding You - Bridging Our Differences

What Color Is Your Personality?™

Notice: The Personality Color Indicator (PCI)™ is strictly for your personal (non-commercial) use only. The objective of the instrument is to identify how you gather information and make decisions and to offer valuable insight into your unique personality traits. The instrument is not intended to be used by non-certified personnel for the purpose of diagnosis, treatment, formal training or presentations, or used as an educational instrument of any kind. If you are interested in becoming certified and authorized to administer and teach the Ritberger Personality Method™ and its related materials refer to our Certification Guidelines or contact us to learn more.

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