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The Ritberger Personality Method™
Advanced Trainings and Certifications
Personality in the Workplace - Two-Day Training

The Ritberger Media Group offers certification and training courses using  The Ritberger Personality Method™. What you will learn about personality will be valuable both personally and professionally.

Every manager, whether managing up or managing down, can benefit from understanding the personalities of the people they work with. Why? Because personality is the driving force behind what motivates people, how they interact and contribute in team environments, how they problem solve, how they view and manage time and how they manage tasks and task loads, and it determines the strengths and leadership qualities they bring to the workplace. Personality is the intrinsic part of the human psyche that influences how we think, the words we use to communicate, and how we interact with people. It's the part of who we are that drives the behavior that's not only observable it's predictable.

This training builds on the foundational piece of Level One certification. It will offer insight into the mental and emotional neurological workings of the different personality colors as it pertains to how each color learns, how they problem solve, how they view their role in relationships.

Focus of Curriculum

The focus of the curriculum is to provide an understanding of how to use personality in these specific areas:

  • Increase management effectiveness
  • Manage the dynamics of change
  • Strength based performance
  • Teambuilding
  • Team performance
  • Leadership development

The Key Benefits to an Organization Include

  • Create teams that best utilize the talents and resources of their participants.
  • Enhance team performance.
  • Turn change into a desirable outcome.
  • Increase productivity through increasing management effectiveness.
  • Cultivate the essential leadership qualities of each of the four personality colors.
  • Match employee's strengths with tasks and task loads for maximum productivity and job success.


To become certified in Personality in the Workplace you must have completed and been certified in Level One, and must have read the Managing People...What's Personality Got to Do With It? book. This certification is specific to the workplace and the training utilizes the Personality Color Indictor (PCI)™ and related training materials for the purpose of integrating the understanding of personality throughout an organization.


$595.00 Includes workshop materials. Meals, lodging, and travel are not included.


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How to Register

For more information or to register contact Bruce Ritberger  530.676-3563 or email him at bruce@ritberger.com

Certificate of Completion

Upon completion of this two-day workshop you will receive a certificate acknowledging that you have completed instruction based on Personality in the Workplace and the work of Carol Ritberger PhD. Completion of this program allows you the opportunity to deliver work-based personality workshops, seminars, in-service programs, and to order The Ritberger Personality Method™ trainer-only products.



Discovering Me - Understanding You - Bridging Our Differences

What Color Is Your Personality?™

Notice: The Personality Color Indicator (PCI)™ is strictly for your personal (non-commercial) use only. The objective of the instrument is to identify how you gather information and make decisions and to offer valuable insight into your unique personality traits. The instrument is not intended to be used by non-certified personnel for the purpose of diagnosis, treatment, formal training or presentations, or used as an educational instrument of any kind. If you are interested in becoming certified and authorized to administer and teach the Ritberger Personality Method™ and its related materials refer to our Certification Guidelines or contact us to learn more.

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