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The Ritberger Personality Method™
Certification Program

Level One (Fundamentals) ~ Three-Day Training
According to most personality theories, each personality type has predictable behavioral patterns that reveal who they are and why they act the way they do. However, what most theories don’t take into consideration is that the neurological aspect of personality determines how a person thinks. The importance of understanding this aspect of personality is that it drives how a person gathers information, processes information, and makes decisions. Therefore it determines their communication style, the words they use, what motivates them, what irritates them, their values and principles, the tasks they’ll be drawn to and the tasks they’ll avoid, and what creates stress, and the relationships they’ll create. All of which impacts their interaction with other people.

When you understand the foundation of personality and how and why people are different, it’s easier to bridge those differences to create mutually satisfying relationships. Tension, stress and power struggles are minimized. The lines of communication begin to open as you learn to speak the language of personality. It becomes possible to embrace differences, to increase productivity, to enhance the quality of relationships, and to create environments where people work from their strengths and feel good about who they are and what they do. Most important, understanding personality helps people make better and healthier choices so they are able to create the life they desire.

If you have an interest in personality and are passionate about wanting to make a difference in people’s lives, then its time to take the next step. Become a certified Ritberger Personality Method™ trainer. We offer you that opportunity to do so through Level One Certification Training. As a certified Level One trainer, you can administer, interpret and implement What Color Is Your Personality™ workshops and presentations. You can experience the excitement and joy that comes from watching people discover who they really are, and you can be a part of the discovery process as they recognize the personality types of those in their lives. It not only changes their lives, it changes yours.   

Who can become a Level One Trainer?

  • Individuals who would like to utilize the Ritberger Personality Method™ in their personal and professional environments.
  • Corporate trainers who would like to utilize the Ritberger Personality Method™ within their company, potentially saving their company thousands of training dollars and turnover costs. 
  • Educators who would like to utilize the Ritberger Personality Method™ with their staff and with their students.
  • Professional trainers who would like to utilize the Ritberger Personality Method™ to conduct the What Color Is Your Personality™ workshops and presentations within organizations, companies, and community groups. These high-energy workshops are educational, fun to teach and fun to attend. 
What qualifications are required to become certified?

There are no pre-requirements necessary to become certified. Everything Level One trainers need to know to teach the What Color Is Your Personality™ workshops and presentations will be fully presented during this training. 

The benefits of becoming a Level One trainer:
  • Learn how to enhance communication effectiveness
  • Increase rapport and build understanding with diverse personality groups
  • Coach others on how to build mutually beneficial relationships
  • Recognize the basic needs, motivations, strengths, and irritations of each personality type
  • Learn conflict-resolution techniques 
  • Understand how to increase self-esteem and enhance individual performance
  • Purchase What Color Is Your Personality™ licensed materials and related books at a discount  
  • Access to online and teleclass events as ongoing continuing education
The personal benefits for people attending the What Color Is Your Personality™ workshops and presentations:
  • Identify their own personality color
  • Understand their core personality traits  
  • Develop increased levels of self-awareness
  • Discover what motivates them
  • Learn to read others easily and accurately
  • Improve interpersonal skills
  • Enhance communication process
  • Reduce conflict and stress
The Certification includes:
  • Three days of training
  • Full set of participant materials, which include:
    • 25 What Color Is Your Personality™ Participant brochures ($80 value)
    • 25 Personality Color Indicator (PCI)™ assessments ($12 value)
  • Trainer’s Guidebook
  • PowerPoint presentation for the Introductory What Color Is Your Personality™ workshop  
  • One hour coaching session specifically on personality ($100 value)
  • First year annual license fee ($75 value)
  • Carol Ritberger Ph.D. personality based books at a discount
  • One FREE teleclass on personality continuing education
  • One year listing on the Meet the Trainers referral page on www.Whatcolorisyourpersonality.com. To be renewed annually.

Personality Certification Process:

Day One and Two - Experience The Ritberger Personality Method 

Personality Theory
Personality...It's in our Genes
The Mechanics of the Brain
The Personality Color Indicator (PCI)™
Administering and Interpreting the Personality Color Indicator (PCI)™

Day Three - Participate in Train-the-Trainer Workshop
Training Tips and Techniques
Trainer Expectations and Standards
Practice Sessions with Strength Focused Feedback
Managing Discussion: Sharing FQA and Strategies
Certification Benefits
Follow-up Action Plan and Next Steps

The cost to become a Level One Trainer:

$795.00  US dollars only. Includes workshop materials. Meals, lodging, and travel are not included.

Must have read the What Color Is Your Personality book.

Check back for the date and location of the next Personality in the Workplace Training 

Certificate of Completion Level One

Upon completion of this three-day training you will receive a certificate acknowledging that you have completed instruction based on The Ritberger Personality Method™ and the work of Carol Ritberger Ph.D.

Certification guidelines:
  • What Color Is Your Personality™ licensed materials are copyrighted. Therefore, they cannot to be copied or reproduced in any form. They are not to be reused or collected at the end of workshops, presentations, or sessions. Participants are encouraged to take their materials so they can use them as a means of opening dialogue with family, friends, and co-workers. No participant information may be collected for the purpose of research or statistical analysis.  
  • Ritberger Personality Method™ trainers are required to purchase appropriate workshop and presentations materials, and books exclusively from Ritberger Media Group. Any workshop or presentation tools developed other than those offered by Ritberger Media Group must be approved prior to their usage and must include the name of Carol Ritberger, Ph.D., within the copyright that is to be affixed to the bottom of every page and on each PowerPoint presentation slide. 
  • The names What Color Is Your Personality™, Personality Color Indicator (PCI)™, Ritberger Personality Method™ and the branding line Discovering Me. Understanding You. Bridging our Differences™ are all trademarked and anytime used must include the trademark symbol.
  • Formally training other people for the purpose of using The Ritberger Personality Method™ or certifying them to use any of the What Color Is Your Personality™ copyright materials including the Personality Color Indicator (PCI)™ is strictly prohibited without written permission by Carol Ritberger, Ph.D. or Ritberger Media Group.
  • Using the Personality Color Indicator (PCI)™ as a hiring tool unless certified in all three levels and specifically trained in using the materials for hiring purposes is prohibited. If you are interested in learning more about our recruiting, interviewing and hiring tools, please contact us.
  • While portions of The Ritberger Personality Method™ materials may be used on a permission basis, we do not allow workshops, classes, courses, and presentations to be taught without proper training and certification.

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Discovering Me - Understanding You - Bridging Our Differences

What Color Is Your Personality?™

Notice: The Personality Color Indicator (PCI)™ is strictly for your personal (non-commercial) use only. The objective of the instrument is to identify how you gather information and make decisions and to offer valuable insight into your unique personality traits. The instrument is not intended to be used by non-certified personnel for the purpose of diagnosis, treatment, formal training or presentations, or used as an educational instrument of any kind. If you are interested in becoming certified and authorized to administer and teach the Ritberger Personality Method™ and its related materials refer to our Certification Guidelines or contact us to learn more.

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