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What People Are Saying! 

It was so much fun learning about me. It provided a different view of myself and helped me understand why I always seem to be marching to a different drummer. Now, instead of feeling bad about who I am, I love me! By the way, I’m a Green if you hadn’t guessed.

KE – Sacramento, CA

Understanding personality has changed how I interact with everyone. Instead, of thinking the people at work were trying to make me miserable, I now understand they just see things differently than I do. It took the negative charge out of how we communicate and how we interact with each other.

DB – Phoenix, Arizona

As a small business, our objective for bringing Carol’s personality workshop to our organization was to help us become more productive and more cohesive as a team. What we got was beyond our expectations. Her understanding of personality and why we do the things we do instantaneously changed the dynamics of how we viewed each other. Her presentation was fun, informative, and entertaining. As a result, we restructured our teams to place people in jobs and tasks that allow them to work from their strengths. Not only did our productivity increase significantly, so did morale. I highly recommend bringing her to your organization. The benefits extend well beyond the dollars.  

SK – Stamford, Connecticut


When it comes to dealing with people there are basically three kinds of interactions: 1) the interaction that's fun because they're like you and share common interests, 2) the interaction that's productive because they think like you and share the same values, and 3) the interaction that's frustrating because no matter how hard you try it seems impossible to get on the same wavelength.

Let's face it. It's this third interaction that leaves us scratching our heads and asking, "Why is it so difficult to deal with people?" After all, don't they see that we're just trying to help? Don't they know we care without always having to say, "I love you"? Don't they understand that we're not criticizing them, but just trying to help them be more successful? Don't they know that we're really trying to make sense of what they're saying even though inside we're wondering what they're talking about? Don't they understand that we too get frustrated when there's conflict?


  • Not everyone sees the situation the same way.
  • Not everyone hears things the same way.
  • Not everyone uses the same words to communicate.
  • People do things for their reasons and not ours, no matter how much we try to convince them that our way is the right way and the only way.
  • Stress isn't a one size fits all. What stresses one person can be a motivator for another.
  • Not everyone defines love the same, nor do they have the same needs in order to feel loved.
  • Not everyone follows the same time clock or views deadlines the same way. 
  • People are different, and those differences show up in every interaction we experience.


Understanding personality. And that begins with you. Do you know who you really are, or why you think and act the way you do? Imagine the opportunities that would open up if you better understood yourself and other people. Imagine how conflict free your interactions would be, and how easy it would be to communicate with each other. Imagine the benefits if you were able to build personal and business relationships that were mutually satisfying, rewarding, and productive.



  • Minimize the potential for conflict at home
  • Improve your relationship with your partner
  • Enhance your self-confidence and self-image
  • Increase personal success and wealth
  • Improve parenting skills
  • Chose a career that complements your strengths
  • Increase relationship building
  • Improve communication skills
  • Manage money more effectively
  • Reduce stress
  • Promote good health

Business /Organization:

  • Conduct meetings more effectively
  • Improve management skills
  • Resolve conflicts more quickly
  • Improve teacher-student relationships
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Increase productivity
  • Create more effective and cohesive teams
  • Improve customer service
  • Decrease staff turnover

What color is your personality? Find out by taking the FREE mini personality assessment.

This approach to the world of personality uses four colors, each with their own unique way of seeing situations, expressing themselves, solving problems, and interacting with people. These four colors are:

RED – These are the Just Get it Done people. What you see is what you get. Reds don’t leave you wondering what’s on their mind or what they expect of you. Black and white is the only way they see the world. They measure on the bottom line and are point A to point B people. They’re hard workers, dependable, decisive, assertive, and display strong leadership abilities. They need to be in the driver’s seat and in control.
ORANGE – These are the Let’s All Get Along people. Oranges are the caregivers and peacemakers. Caring for and about people is what gives meaning to their lives. They have a strong sense of community and need to be involved in activities that will enrich the lives of others. Oranges are devoted, kind, loyal, good listeners and socially responsible. They strive to create an atmosphere of harmony and cooperation. 
YELLOW – These are the Let’s Do It Better people. They’re visionaries who display strong leadership qualities. They’re deep thinkers whose primary purpose in life is to make a difference. Doing things the way they have always been done is not what drives the Yellow. They pride themselves on their problem solving skills and their hallmark is their competency and expertise. When others shy away from a challenge, the Yellow will take it on and find great pleasure in accomplishing what others cannot.
GREEN – These are the Let’s Experience It All people. They have rich vivid imaginations and thrive, flourish, and grow when using their creative abilities. They’re known for creating innovative ideas and novel applications for existing products and services. They’re highly developed in their intuitive skills and would rather trust their hunches than follow their logic. They’re emotional, enthusiastic, passionate, fun loving and definitely march to their own drummer. Their primary purpose in life is to be a catalyst for change.  


  • It's what drives how you think and how you make decisions.
  • It's what influences who you want to be with and who you choose to avoid.
  • It's what determines the words you use to communicate.
  • It's what drives why you jump at some things and procrastinate at other things.
  • It's what motivates you and forms your value systems.
  • It's what makes you - you.

There are many paths we can take to find out who we really are. The most direct route comes from harnessing the strengths of personality color. The least direct route comes from other people telling us who we are and what we are capable of achieving. Life continually offers us choices. Understanding personality is one of them.             
- Carol Ritberger


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